Skull masks have become a fun and sought-after choice for face masks during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with many buyers looking to add a fun, colorful, and unique spin to an otherwise “boring” necessity. Our Sugar Skull Face Masks collection comprises of 18 colorful designs, with designs for both men and women, and there is an additional 20+ designs set to be added to the collection before Black Friday!

All of our high-quality skull face masks are made in the USA, made of two soft layers, & are easy to use. They have been designed to be comfortable, protective*, and washable!

We are very excited to launch this Skull Mask Collection. We knew that a lot of our customers were wanting skull masks that were fun, and could provide a bright and vibrant change to the “typical” masks that are currently available.

Our designs for these sugar skull masks are all original pieces of artwork that were designed with that in mind, and we had designs made featuring both male and female sugar skulls. We are looking forward to being able to now offer these to our customers, and can’t wait to add more designs to the collection over the following weeks!